Aawaaz Portal

Built a minimal learning management system with a team of three people for a private tutoring company based in India. The system has essential features like assignment portal, grades management, file sharing and chat for ease of communication between students, teachers and admins of the institute. The system was built on Vue.js with a Firebase back-end utilizing Firestore and the Cloud Functions serverless framework.


A demo for an AR-based indoor navigation and visual cognition assistant for visually impaired people. Built for Microsoft HoloLens with MRTK on Unity. Uses Vuforia for tracking and alignment. Person detection and OCR is implemented using Azure's Computer Vision API.


Developed a Venn Diagram-based desktop application with a team of four people over the course of a semester in a complete Software Development Life Cycle. The application allows the user to create and customize venn diagrams to visually represent various types of data sets. Built on Java with the GUI library JavaFX, build tool Gradle and CircleCI for continuous integration. Application is unit and function tested with JUnit.