What I Do

  • Lassonde School of Engineering | York University

    Software Engineering, B.Eng

  • Augmented Urban Space Modeling Lab | York University

    Research Assistant

    Carrying out research in the Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) project under Dr. Gunho Sohn.

    Developing an Augmented Reality-based indoor navigation and visual cognition assistant for the visually impaired.

    Built using Microsoft's HoloLens and Mixed Reality Toolkit on Unity game engine.

    Utilized 3D models and spatial scans of the campus environment.

    Also built the interface for a 3D virtual environment made on Cesium.js using 3D and BIM models.

  • Dr Car

    Back-end Engineer

    Co-founded a startup with a team of seven, reinventing how car owners book, service, and track their car repairs driven by a deep rooted desire to address the hassle associated with car care and servicing.

    Designing and building the back-end server for the application.