What I Do

  • Lassonde School of Engineering | York University

    Software Engineering, B.Eng

  • Augmented Urban Space Modeling Lab | York University

    Research Assistant

    Carrying out research in the Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) project under Dr. Gunho Sohn.

    Developed an MVP for an AR-based indoor navigation and visual cognition assistant for the visually impaired — HoloAssist.

    Built on Microsoft HoloLens using the Mixed Reality Toolkit and the Unity game engine, 3D models and spatial scans of the campus environment were utilized.

    Currently developing a crowd simulator for the YorkU campus for research on pedestrian comfort analysis and effective social distancing protocols.

  • Dr Car

    Back-end Engineer

    Worked on a startup with a team of seven, reinventing how car owners book, service, and track their car repairs driven by a deep rooted desire to address the hassle associated with car care and servicing.

    Designing and building the back-end server for the application.